One of the goals in creating the Reid Institute is to encourage investigators to enhance their skills. At the same time, through the Reid Certification program we want to identify those Reid Institute members who have clearly developed their expertise in the utilization of the Reid Technique of Interviewing and Interrogation.

The Reid Certification program recognizes those individuals who have demonstrated their ability to effectively apply the basic concepts and techniques taught in our training seminars and textbooks. Reid students that successfully complete all of the training, testing and background requirements will be awarded Certification in the Reid Technique. They will also be able to include the "CRT" designation to their professional credentials.

In view of the fact that many organizations recognize the value of Reid training when considering an individual for advancement, and many agencies look at a potential employee's resume for an indication of Reid training, Certification in the Reid technique may become a significant factor in an individuals resume.


To achieve Certification in the Reid Technique of Interviewing and Interrogation the candidate must fulfill the following requirements:

The candidate must have attended the Reid Technique of Interviewing and Interrogation seminar and the Reid Advanced seminar.

The candidate must have a minimum of three years of investigative experience in the private, police or government sector.

The candidate must have at least one year of experience in conducting interviews and interrogations using the Reid Technique.

The candidate must be a current member of the Reid Institute.

The candidate must pass an extensive written and practical exam that demonstrates a thorough knowledge of the Reid Technique.

The candidate's supervisor must complete an evaluation form attesting to the candidate's interviewing and interrogation skills.

The Certification Examination

The Certification examination consists of both a written and a practical test. Questions for the written examination are drawn primarily from information presented at the Reid Technique of Interviewing and Interrogation seminar and the Reid Technique Advanced seminar. Other reference sources are "The Investigator Anthology" and "Criminal Interrogations and Confessions" textbooks.

During the practical exam the candidate will view a series of video taped responses to the Behavioral Questions and must identify whether the displayed behaviors are indicative of truth or deception. In addition, the candidate must identify the tactics demonstrated during video taped segments of suspect interrogations.

The Certification Exam is available to take online. The candidate must first meet all of the training and background requirements before applying to take the exam. The fee for the exam is $150. Candidates may re-attend both the Reid Interviewing and Interrogation seminar and the Advanced seminar, for free, once the examination fee has been paid.

It should be understood that "Certification in the Reid Technique" means the individual has demonstrated a basic understanding and ability to apply the essential principles of the Reid Technique. However, by certify an individual, John E. Reid & Associates is not guaranteeing that the Reid Technique was appropriately applied in a specific case.

Certification in the Reid Technique does not give the individual any rights to teach or offer instruction to others on any of the material covered in any Reid training program.


To maintain Certification in the Reid Technique a CRT graduate must work towards professional development through continuing education. There is no re-certification fee if the CRT graduate maintains membership in the Reid Institute. If the CRT graduate does not maintain membership in the Reid Institute there is a $150 re-certification fee every three years.

If you are interested in applying for Certification in the Reid Technique or have any questions, you may call Mark Reid at 815-262-7889 or email him at mreid@reid.com.