Reid PEACE Method of Investigative Interviewing - Hanover (Postponed to Apr.12-13, 2021), ON
Hanover Police Service (Postponed to Apr.12-13, 2021)

Course Description:The Reid PEACE Method of Investigative Interviewing merges core Reid tenets of rapport-centric evidence-based questioning with protocols established by the United Kingdom’s “College of Policing” on Authorized Professional Practices for law enforcement in England and Wales.

For over seven decades, John E. Reid & Associates, Inc., has advanced the art of investigative interviewing through reliance upon a non-coercive approach combined with persuasive argumentation to establish facts, assess interviewee credibility, and obtain admissions against interest that are both voluntary as well as reliable. The Reid PEACE Method narrows the interviewing scope to direct inquires as the sole means of eliciting truthful disclosures from suspects, witnesses, and victims of unlawful behavior.

This program’s singular focus upon direct questioning is a natural outgrowth of the origins of the Reid Technique. Its developers, John E. Reid and Fred E. Inbau, were both attorneys who were well trained in the courtroom skills of direct and cross examination. Those tools have always been embedded within the Reid Technique along with a firm commitment to constitutional safeguards that respect the legal rights and human dignity of the accused.

It should be understood, however, that course participants in the Reid PEACE Method of Investigative Interviewing will not receive instruction in the “Reid Nine Steps of Interrogation” or the “Reid Behavior Analysis Interview”. Those elements remain fully available, however, within traditional Reid Interview and Interrogation training programs.

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Course Fee:$400.00 US
Course:Reid PEACE Method of Investigative Interviewing
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Start Date:09/14/2020
End Date:09/15/2020
Registration Time:7:45am -8:00am
Daily Hours:8:00am-3:00pm
Duration:2 days
Location:Saugeen Room” @ Hanover Town Hall 341 10th Street
City:Hanover (Postponed to Apr.12-13, 2021)
Contact Info:Chicago Office
ext 14 or 24

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