3-Day Investigative Interviewing and Positive Persuasion - Branson West (TO BE POSTPONED), MO

Course Description:In order to meet the needs of those organizations and individuals who conduct investigative interviews but may not engage in accusatory interrogation, John E. Reid and Associates has developed a specialized three day training program entitled, 'The Reid Technique of Investigative Interviewing and Positive Persuasion'. This new training program consists of two phases. Phase one focuses on how to most efficiently and effectively conduct a non-accusatory investigative interview, and how to assess the credibility of the information that was developed during the interview. Phase two of the process involves the use of The Seven Steps of Positive Persuasion to motivate the subject to want to tell the truth regarding information they perceive as being incriminating.

Course Notes / Schedule:

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If you have any questions please call our Chicago office at 800-255-5747 ext 14 or ext 24.

1 Person 625.00 ; 2-4 people 555.00 each; and 5 or more 445.00 each
GSA: 410.00 RPGA: 500.00 per person
Course:3-Day Investigative Interviewing and Positive Persuasion
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Start Date:03/24/2020
End Date:03/26/2020
Duration:3 days
Hotel Information:
Hotel Name:Best Western Branson Inn Conference Center (TO BE POSTPONED)
Hotel Street:8514 Highway 76
Hotel City:Branson West (TO BE POSTPONED)
Hotel State:MO
Hotel Zip:65737
Hotel Phone:(417) 338-2141
Hotel may offer a special rate on a limited basis to Reid Course Participants. Contact Hotel.
POST Information:
John E. Reid & Associates, Inc will have the information required by Missouri POST placed on the back of their course certificate. This information will consist of;
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