4-Day Interview and Interrogation Technique - Parkersburg, WV
Parkersburg Police Department

Course Description:The 4 day combined program consists of our 3 day regular seminar followed by our 1 day advanced seminar.

Course Fee:$575.00
With Federal Employee GSA Discount:$480.00
Course:4-Day Interview and Interrogation Technique
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Start Date:02/12/2019
End Date:02/15/2019
Registration Time:7:45am -8:00am
Daily Hours:8:00am-3:00pm
Duration:4 days
Location:City of Parkersburg Municipal Building One Government Square
Contact Info:Chicago Office
ext 14 or 24
POST Information:
The West Virginia Department of Safety and Law Enforcement Training does not approve private vendor training programsThe agency sponsoring the training submits the application prior to the course for the course to be approved for annual in-service
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