3-Day Interview and Interrogation Technique - Springfield, MA
Springfield MA Police Department

Course Description:This training seminar features a discussion of three primary topics: Behavior Symptom Analysis (the verbal and nonverbal behavioral characteristics which can be used to distinguish a truthful person from a deceptive individual); the Behavior Analysis Interview (a non-accusatory interview process utilizing both investigative and behavior provoking questions); and, The Reid Nine Steps of Interrogation. For a detailed listing of the program topics, click HERE

Course Fee:$445.00
With Federal Employee GSA Discount:$365.00
Course:3-Day Interview and Interrogation Technique
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Start Date:12/3/2018
End Date:12/05/2018
Registration Time:7:45am -8:00am
Daily Hours:8:00am-3:00pm
Duration:3 days
Location:Paul J Fenton Safety Complex, 50 East St.
Contact Info:Chicago Office
ext 14 or 24
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Massachusetts POST does not evaluate or approve vendor training programs
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