3-Day Child Abuse - Brooksville, FL
Hernando County Sheriff s Office

Course Description:This specialized course for Child Protection Investigators is a three day program which emphasizes the assessment of case information and the appropriate interviewing techniques for sexual abuse, physical abuse and neglect cases. Oftentimes a child protection worker makes a decision concerning the welfare of a child or family based on a "sixth sense" or "gut feeling". This training program offers participants a structured and objective approach to the decision making process.

This program includes an extensive discussion of the common characteristics of child abusers, and a thorough presentation on how to evaluate the case facts so as to determine the probability of the truthfulness of the subject's statements, and the various conditions that exist which indicate that there is a high probability of abuse. For a detailed listing of the program topics, click HERE.

Course Fee:$425.00
With Federal Employee GSA Discount:$365.00
Course:3-Day Child Abuse
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Start Date:09/05/2018
End Date:09/07/2018
Registration Time:7:45am -8:00am
Daily Hours:8:00am - 3:30pm
Duration:3 days
Location:Hernando County Sheriff s Office 18900 Cortez Boulevard
Contact Info:Chicago Office
ext 14 or 24
POST Information:
The Florida Dept of Law Enforcement Standards and Training does not approve outside vendor training programs. An outside vendor program must be sponsored by the Division of Criminal Justice agencies or academies that are approved
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