1-Day Hiring The Best - Bentonville, AR
Bentonville Police Department

Course Description:This one-day training seminar will focus on four primary topics:
  • How to determine when an applicant is fabricating or withholding relevant information.
  • How to determine if an applicant has falsified any information on their application.
  • How to assess the credibility of information provided to you by the applicant during the interview.
  • How to encourage the disclosure of truthful information from the applicant about their background, including job history, suspensions, disciplinary actions, current use of illegal drugs, theft from previous employers, involvement in undetected criminal activity, and other areas of high risk behavior.

Course Fee:$185.00
Course:1-Day Hiring The Best
Also Available at this event:
Start Date:05/21/2018
End Date:05/21/2018
Registration Time:7:45am -8:00am
Daily Hours:8:00am-5:00pm
Duration:1 days
Location:Bentonville Police Department 908 SE 14th Street
Contact Info:Jeanette Westhoff
POST Information:
The Arkansas Commission on Law Enforcement (CLEST) only certifies courses that are taught in the State of Arkansas. When private organizations are presenting training in the state, they must obtain the sponsorship of a local law enforcement agency. It then becomes the responsibility of the sponsoring agency to insure that the appropriate steps for course and instructor certification are completed.
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