Physical and Neglect: Child Abuse Injury Reconstruction Techniques


This intensive program will focus on non-accidental injuries to children and will emphasize the specific techniques that can be used by the investigator in the assessment, investigation and reconstruction of cases involving soft tissue injuries such as bruises, lacerations and burns. In addition, the various weapons utilized by the offender in child abuse situations will also be identified and discussed. The course will also address the circumstances and evaluation of deprived and neglected children. Lastly, the curriculum offers case illustrations that encourage hands on participation by the student.

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Specific topics addressed at the course:

Abusive caretaker assessment

The role of juvenile court vs. criminal court

Soft tissue injury assessment

Neglect child abuse injury reconstruction

Physical child abuse dynamics

The role of the physician, the emergency room and the paramedic

Child abuse weapon identification

Bruise and Wound configurations

Abuse injury comparison studies

Identification and the recovery of physical evidence

Open and closed soft tissue injury reconstruction

Soft tissue injuries from hands, belts and cords

Reconstructing wet and dry burns

Child abuse homicide and death investigations

The training course is taught by Robert Hugh Farley MS, a 30-year veteran of the Cook County Sheriff's Police Department in Chicago, Illinois, presents this eye-opening course. As a highly decorated detective, unit commander and deputy United States Marshal, Detective Farley has had over 32 years experience conducting and supervising all aspects of child abuse investigations--from sexual abuse to child homicide.

In 1997, Detective Farley created the Cook County Sheriff's Police Department Child Exploitation Unit in order to combat the online Internet solicitation and sexual abuse of children. At that time, no other law enforcement agency in the United States (or the world) had a unit working these specific types of crimes. The Cook County Sheriff's Police Child Exploitation Unit in Chicago became and remains an international law enforcement model, which boasts a 100 percent court conviction rate.

As an internationally recognized expert, consultant, author and instructor in child abuse investigation techniques, Detective Farley has conducted training courses for tens of thousands of police officers, attorneys, teachers, social workers and other professionals. He has conducted hundreds of training courses on behalf of the U.S. Department of Justice, the FBI and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in 49 of the 50 states. As an international consultant for INTERPOL he has also conducted training courses in 22 different countries around the world.

Each student will receive a Certificate of Course Completion, a training manual and a set of sample forms specifically designed for physical and neglect child abuse investigation that include a physical child abuse consent to search form and a medical release form.

This training is conducted as an in-house training course, the all inclusive price to train up to 35 participants is $6,000.00 If your agency would like to bring this training to your agency please contact Julie Rock at 1-855-479-3959 or We ask your agency to provide a training room or facility with the necessary audio visual equipment.