Creating a Safe Learning Environment for Children


Today children and teens have changed in their way of thinking about their own personal safety. Creating a safe and friendly school atmosphere for the student, especially with the challenges of the Internet, social networking sites, cell phones, child molesters and registered sex offenders can often present challenges for the school teacher, social worker, principal and the district superintendent.

This intensive one - day training course illustrates the problem of child molesters targeting students within the school environment and identifies appropriate responses and offers solutions. The course will identify and then discuss the methodologies and seduction techniques employed by the child molester in the various chat rooms and on the World Wide Web. Additionally, the course examines the topics of child erotica, child pornography, and their use by the child molester.

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Specific topics addressed at the course:

Understanding the dynamics of child sexual abuse vs. sexual exploitation.

The ever changing role of technology in the sexual abuse of children and teens.

Web-cams, chat rooms, IM's, file severs, and the Internet Relay Chat (IRC).

Web page dangers for children involving myspace, youtube, facebook, twitter, xanga and gaming sites.

The use of the computer, cell phone text messaging, digital cameras and the Internet in the sexual abuse of children.

Victim disclosure and the role of the school - mandated reporter.

The role of Child Protective Services (CPS) in the investigation of a child abuse allegation.

What is a registered sex offender?

FBI - Child Molester Profile and the various seduction and molestation techniques employed with victims.

Child molester collections - Child Erotica / Child Pornography / Trophies

Managing the registered sex offender who is a student.

Resources such as the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the Cyber Tipline.

The course will also discuss the development of a Model Child Protection Management Policy, guidelines for the supervision of programs that involve students and the implementation of sample child protection legislation such as the Illinois Internet Safety Curriculum Act.

Robert Hugh Farley MS, commanding officer (retired) of the Cook County Sheriffs' Police, Child Exploitation Unit in Chicago, IL presents this intensive course. As a highly decorated detective, unit commander and Deputy United States Marshal, Detective Farley has over 28 years experience conducting and supervising all aspects of child abuse investigation - from sexual abuse to child homicide. As an international expert he has conducted thousands of child abuse investigation training courses in all 50 states and in 22 different countries for INTERPOL.

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