The Reid Technique of Investigative Interviewing and Advanced Interrogation Techniques

This new 4-day format includes the material from our 3-day Interview and Interrogation program as well as our 1-day Advanced program. This is the most complete program available regarding the Reid Technique.


  • Interview and Interrogation Preparation
  • Distinction Between an Interview and Interrogation
  • Proper Room Environment
  • Factors Affecting the Subject's Behavior


  • Evaluating Attitudes
  • Evaluating Nonverbal Behavior
  • Evaluating Verbal Behavior
  • Evaluating Paralinguistic Behavior


  • The Benefits of Conducting the interview prior to any interrogation
  • Analyzing Factual Information Prior to the Interview
  • Reid Behavior Provoking Questions
  • The Baiting Technique
  • Asking Investigative Questions
  • Asking Hypothetical Questions


  • Preparation prior to the interrogation
  • Assessing the Suspect's Fears prior to the interrogation


  • Step 1: The Positive Confrontation
    Benefit of the Transition Statement
  • Step 2: Theme Development
    First Person Themes
    Third Person Themes and Personal Stories
    Identifying the suspect's Needs for committing the crime
  • Step 3: Handling Denials
    Addressing Suspect Challenges
    Addressing the Suspects Request to see evidence
    Introducing Evidence
    Tactics to gain trust
    Tactics to change the suspect's perception
  • Step 4: Overcoming Objections
    Handling Logical Challenges
  • Step 5: Procurement and Retention of the Suspect's Attention
    Use of Role Reversal
    Challenging the Suspect's Values and Traits
    Addressing the Suspect's Fear of Consequences
    Addressing the Futility of continued denials
  • Step 6: Handling Suspect's Passive Mood
    Having the suspect verbalize agreement
  • Step 7: Presenting the Alternative Question
    Understanding the Alternative
    Using Positive and Negative Supporting Statements
  • Step 8: Having the Suspect Orally Relate the Details of the Crime
    Committing the Suspect to the crime
    Guard Against False Confessions
  • Step 9: Elements of Oral and Written Statements

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