Investigator Tips - Interviewing

Before we detail the Investigator Tips which address interviewing issues, we recommend that you review our Investigator Tip A Description of the Reid Technique so that the subsequent Interviewing Tips are in context.

Fact Analysis

Interview before interrogating

Arranging a non-custodial interview

Eliciting a subject’s willingness to submit to a voluntary interview

Electronic recording of interviews and interrogations

Designing an interview/interrogation room

Creating a temporary interviewing room 

Guarding against claims of false imprisonment

Planning a formal interview

Developing an interview strategy

Importance of privacy during an interview

The presence of a third person in the interview room

Note taking during an interview

Miranda, Article 31 and Constitutional Advisements

The Non-Confrontational approach

The Reid Behavior Analysis Interview

Establishing rapport with a suspect

Building rapport during an interview

Conducting a custodial behavior analysis interview

Empathy guides the investigator to the truth

Are you a good listener?

Question formulation guidelines Part one

Question formulation guidelines Part Two

Using open-ended questions during the investigative interview Part One

Using open-ended questions during the investigative interview Part Two

The use of follow-up questions during an interview

The value of behavior provoking questions - a case study

Behavior provoking questions: the punishment question

The Bait Questioning the age of computer technology

Eliciting and evaluating an alibi

The importance of pursuing communication with others when mentioned during an interview

Taking a statement from a victim or complainant

Interviewing witnesses

Interviewing elderly subjects

Direct questioning and its role in counterintelligence investigations

The Use of an Interpreter during an interview

Telephone interviewing techniques Part One

Telephone interviewing techniques Part Two

The Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview (FETI)

Cognitive Interviewing